Data Month:
Application of State Law to CIA's Proposed Administration of Polygraph Examinations to Its Contractors' Employees (III) ( 1979 )
Filed: 12/28/1979
Constitutionality of Proposed Legislation Limiting the Scope of the Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule in Federal Criminal Proceedings ( 1979 )
Filed: 12/28/1979
Application of 10 U.S.C. § 7426 to Settlement of Dispute Between United States and Standard Oil Company Regarding Land Within Naval Petroleum Reserve ( 1979 )
Filed: 12/27/1979
The President's Authority to Take Certain Actions Relating to Communications from Iran ( 1979 )
Filed: 12/27/1979
Authority of Water Resources Council to Adopt Standards and Criteria for Calculation of Primary Direct Navigation Benefits of Water Resources Project ( 1979 )
Filed: 12/21/1979
Scope of Presidential Authority on Review of Civil Aeronautic Board's Approval of Airline Merger and Related Awarding of Airline Route ( 1979 )
Filed: 12/21/1979
Discretion of Secretary of Commerce in Establishing Boundaries Between Adjoining Regional Fishery Management Councils Under the Fishery Conservation and Management Act ( 1979 )
Filed: 12/14/1979
Authority of the Surgeon General to Direct the Public Health Service Not to Certify Arriving Homosexual Aliens as Possessing a "Mental Defect or Disease" Solely Because of Their Homosexuality ( 1979 )
Filed: 12/10/1979
Employment of Temporary or Intermittent Investigators and Attorneys to Investigate and Assist in the Processing of Office Special Counsel Cases ( 1979 )
Filed: 12/7/1979